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The Instructors

James Knoerl

James Knoerl

James Knoerl is the drum instructor for Lutz and has also made some of our backing tracks for us! You can check out his latest lessons on our channel.

Jared Cattoor


Jared Cattoor is the guitar instructor for Lutz and has also written some of his own theory books! You can check out his latest lessons on our channel.

Rainer J.


Rainer does all of the piano and keyboard video lessons for Lutz Academy. You can check out his latest piano lessons on our channel.

Join the Team


Join the team as an instructor! We’re always looking for passionate and talented musicians to be a part of Lutz. Get in touch and introduce yourself!

The Musicians

Luke Gartner-Brereton


Luke Gartner-Brereton with Vanilla Groove Studios handles all of the Rhythm tracks and many of the Drumless tracks. Listen to some of his latest tunes here and check out his tracks in our practice area!

Ben van Essen


Ben van Essen with Ashton Music Productions makes many of the Drumless tracks here at Lutz. You can hear some of his latest songs here, and be sure to listen to some of his tracks in our practice area!

Nathanael Graham


Nathanael Graham with AlderWood Records makes all of the Drum-Only tracks along with the drum tracks for many of our tunes. You can hear some of his latest songs here, and be sure to check out his practice tracks!

Join Lutz!


Want to be a Lutz Artist too? The work you do will help musicians from around the world learn how to play. Join the team and be a part of the free and fun virtual music environment of Lutz Academy. Get in touch!

About Lutz

Lutz is a free online platform for musicians like you! Aspiring players and professionals alike use Lutz as a place to learn, improve, and connect with passionate musicians around the world. Use our lessons, resources, tools, and challenges to better your playing and master your instrument.

While our lessons focus on guitar, bass, drums, and piano, the theory can be applied to any instrument and any genre! You’ll find that our backing tracks and videos tend to use rock, blues, metal, and jazz for application, but our versatile tips and tricks are useable no matter what you play. Every musician can learn with Lutz!

Why Join?

Lutz actually doesn’t require a membership for anything unless you decide to post on our community forum. Otherwise, you’re free to browse, watch, read, download, and practice using everything we have to offer without having to worry about a membership. Lutz is here to educate musicians around the world with a focus on practical theory that can be used in any genre for every instrument!

No matter what you play or where you’re from, you can use LutzAcademy.com to learn, play, practice, and improve as you master your instrument with our videos, lessons, tracks, and other resources. If you ever get stuck, head over to our forum where you can get help from like-minded musicians.




Learn Bass


“I was searching for decent pictures of modes so I could teach myself and I checked out this site. I have to say Lutz has the best explanations for modes I have found yet and I have been searching for a couple years off and on now. So thank you so much! Just from watching the first three videos I have gotten out of this box I have been stuck in for awhile.”

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