From Start to Stage

Lutz Academy is an online resource center for musicians. We focus on the four best genres: rock, metal, blues, and jazz. You’ll find video lessons recorded by professional players, and accompanying materials to help you learn.

We’ve also got backing tracks and lesson extras to assist your practice! Best of all, there are no fees or subscriptions required. does not require a membership to view, and most everything is free to access.

We do have some premium courses available if you’re looking to delve deeper into a particular topic, but you’ll certainly find plenty of freely accessible information right here, too.

“The instructor knows his stuff. Easy to listen to, speaks to his audience in a clear, easy to understand language. Talks to the whole audience like he is talking [directly] to me.”

~ Bruce Murphy, Student

“The instructor covered everything … in a manner and at a pace that was easy to follow and with enough detail to inform without overwhelming me.”

~ Michael Weiner, Student

“The instructor teaches valuable information in an easy and straight-forward way”

~ Georgi Urumov, Student

“Nice setup, he is easy to understand and really motivates you [because] he makes it look easy!”

~ Rory Windell, Student

“Complicated stuff explained in an easy way. Great!”

~ Allan Schrattenholz, Student

Master Classes

Our Master Classes and Quick-Start Courses take you through complex theory and technique concepts step-by-step. Our instructors break it all down into easily digestible video lessons with accompanying charts, diagrams, and practice exercises to help you learn!

As with everything at Lutz, we focus on the practical application of skills. Not only will you learn the underlying theory for a well-rounded understanding, but you’ll also learn how to use that newfound knowledge in your playing.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Lutz?

Lutz Academy is an online resource center for musicians of all ages, styles, and skill levels! Our lessons focus on bass, drums, guitar, and piano. We have direct examples in the genres of rock, blues, jazz, and metal.

How much does it cost?

There is no registration required to access anything here on (which includes videos, backing tracks, lessons extras, and more). We do have premium courses if you want to delve deep into a topic.

Where can I join?

Lutz Academy is a registration free website! You can join the community at our sister site, though: Giggeta helps musicians find bands, bands find gigs, and event managers book talent!

What can I learn?

Our lessons cover bass, drums, guitar, and piano. We focus on rock, blues, jazz, and metal. Check out our latest lessons here!

How It Works

Being an online platform, Lutz is a completely self-paced setup! Practice when you get the chance and learn whenever you want.

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Lesson extras include practice tracks and print-outs you can use to extend your knowledge on multiple theory and technique topics.