Beginner Guitar Quick-Start

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Welcome to the Lutz Academy Beginner Guitar Quick-Start course! If you’d like to interact with other students, you can join other versions of this course on Udemy or SkillShare. Or, you can take an extended version right here!

We’re going to start with a quick overview of what you’ll be learning. In this Quick-Start, we’ll be going over the following:

  1. Four Essential Chords (which we’ll build on later!)
  2. Chord Progressions (and how to build your own!)
  3. Rhythm Work (strumming patterns and more!)

The Chords

Here’s a print-out that shows the chords you’ll learn in this video lesson:


Here are two print-outs you’ll need for this second part:

Whar Are Key Chord Charts?

The two charts provided show you all the chords in every major and minor key. This can come in handy in many different situations, but now, you’ll be using it as a reference so you can use the chord motion template!

What Is A Chord Motion Template?

Each Key Chord Chart (one for Major, one for minor) also includes a “Chord Motion” Template. Chord Motion is basically the same thing as a “Chord Progression”. It’s a term musicians use when speaking about what chords are used in a particular song and in what order they come in. More specifically, Chord Motion itself refers to how chords are patterned in music.

The Chord Motion template featured on each chart allows you to plug in the chords (look at the Roman Numerals above the Key Chord Chart). Do this for any key you want to play in, follow the arrows of the Chord Motion template, and you can build a multitude of songs!


In this final lesson, Jared will explain strumming patterns and help you get to playing songs!

Where To Go From Here…

Once you master this bit of information, there is so much more you can (and should) learn! The most logical choice is to make sure you know how to read guitar TAB, and start learning some of your favorite songs! In the meantime, you should also be looking into something very important, called the CAGED system.

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