The Circle Of Fifths

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In this first lesson on the circle of fifths, you’ll learn what it is, how it got its name, and how it can be used to help you! Our 5-part video series will take you through the circle of fifths and what each portion means. You’ll also learn practical application of everything.
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Modes Master Class

The 7 Modes

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Modal Theory is a complicated subject that is often over-simplified (improperly). In order to truly unlock the fretboard and music, you have to know the 7 modes, their shapes, and the theory behind them. And Jared will teach you all that in this course! Read More

The CAGED System

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The CAGED System is a set of scale, chord, and arpeggio shapes that connect the fretboard. These shapes are moveable, meaning you can play them in any key, which is a very powerful thing once you realize the uses and learn the system properly. Read More

Fretting Notes on Guitar

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Experiencing annoying buzzes and rattles as you play? It’s highly likely you aren’t fretting notes correctly. There’s one simple trick to getting clean notes to sound out on your guitar. It all depends on where you’re pressing on the string.

To fret a note, follow these two steps…
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Holding Your Pick

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When you first start playing, you may find yourself dropping your pick a lot. It’s a frustrating occurrence that all beginner guitarists have to put up with. Eventually, you’ll be able to spin your pick around as you play with no worries of dropping it. But to get to that point, you have to remember one key thing: hold your pick loosely.

Do not put a death grip on your pick! Not only does that make strumming really tough, it can lead to tension issues down the road (make sure to keep your fretting hand relaxed, too!).

You should grip the pick between your thumb and forefinger. Once your fingers are grasping it, the pointed tip of the pick should be positioned so it comes out of the side of your thumb. Only use your thumb and pointer finger to hold the pick. You’ll need your other fingers free for new techniques later on (like hybrid picking!).
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Reading Guitar TAB

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Guitar TAB (or “tablature”) is one of the simplest forms of music notation, so you’ll see it very often as you learn songs.
fill 1
B|-10p8-10----------------------|-10p8~-10-------------|| x2

Above is the example TAB we’ll be working with in this lesson.

P.S. Guitar TAB is specific to the instrument, so only other guitarists will understand it. It also lacks essential rhythm and timing information. Because of that, it’s essential you learn how to read Standard Notation as well, which is a universal language of music.

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Posture (for Guitarists)

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When you play guitar, there are some handy rules of thumb you should follow regarding posture. Good posture might feel like an annoyance when you first try to get into the habit, but it’ll really pay off in the long run if you plan to play for long periods (like at the 2 hour shows on your world tour!).
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