Strumming Technique

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When you first try strumming with a pick, it’ll probably feel awkward and stiff. And that’s exactly the opposite of what you want! The key to proper strumming technique is to relax. Grip the pick loosely, make sure you don’t hug your elbow in, and keep your wrist nice and loose.
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Getting Started on Guitar

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Just started playing guitar? This mini series is a great place to start! No matter what your goals are as a musician (speed shredder or simply rhythm), we all have to start in the same place: with these basic chords, progressions, and techniques to get us going.

The Four Chords

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Musical Alphabet & Notes on the Guitar Neck

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The musical alphabet is made up of 7 natural notes and 5 enharmonic equivalents, for a total of 12 notes.

Natural Notes

The 7 natural notes in the music alphabet are: A-B-C-D-E-F-G.

These notes repeat again and again. So, when you get to G, you start over again at A. You’ll know that a note is natural if it is just a letter by itself (like A). Sometimes, the natural sign if also added behind the note, like so: A♮
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Power Chords – Guitar Lesson

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Power Chords are a staple in rock, metal, and many other genres, and they’re super simple to play! Jared will take you step-by-step through construction and using power chords in this free guitar lesson from Lutz Academy.

Power chords are made using a Perfect Fifth interval, which means they’re neither major nor minor.

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Intro to Modes – Modal Theory For Guitar

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Master all seven modes with the complete course:

In this first lesson on Modes, you’ll learn the basics behind this complex theory concept. While many people think they understand modes, it’s an advanced topic that takes a lot of practice and application to truly master.

Our 9-part video series will take you through each of the seven modes one at a time, first giving you examples, then teaching you the theory and ways you can apply them to your playing.