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Clay is your instructor here at Lutz Academy. As a professional studio drummer, he teaches everything from timing and stick control to advanced techniques and rhythm.

Follow-Along Notation™
Lutz makes learning even easier with Follow-Along Notation™ provided right inside our video lessons. This will not only help you start reading and playing music from scratch, but it will also help you constantly keep track of timing and what you’re supposed to be playing to avoid any possible confusion during your practice sessions.

Other things you’ll notice…
Lutz Academy has both courses and classes. What’s the difference? Courses are longer and typically include supplemental resources, practice quizzes, and print-outs to help you learn. They cover a broader topic, like all 7 Music Modes or the entire chord theory system known as CAGED. On the other hand, classes are short and precise. They’re meant to focus on one, single idea/technique/topic and break it down for you.

Our drum classes are usually made up of 3 videos, each being 5 to 10 minutes. Classes focus on topics like Stick Control. Others build your foundation, like the Drummer’s Quick Start Course that is built around teaching you the backbeat while also getting you started by playing variations of grooves and using all your limbs as you go along.

The Library

Lutz Academy’s library is a free resource center for musicians. There, you can find practice tracks to jam along with, print-outs of chords and scales, and blank TAB sheets to help you write.

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