Finger Style Bass Lesson

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What Fingers Should I Use?

When you’re first getting started, you’ll likely be alternate picking with your pointer and middle finger. There are times players might use all five of their fingers. Develop whatever feels and sounds best to you. Finger style can give you a broad range of different tones, so play around and see what best

fits your style.

What Do I Do About Blisters?

As you play, you’ll build up callouses which will toughen your fingers to avoid blisters. Practice a bit each day and you’ll find your fingers getting tougher and your ability to finger pick getting better and better.

Where Should I Pick?

There’s no rule, play around with where you play to find different tones that you like. You can watch your favorite bassists and study their technique and then go from there. Develop your own style over time to help your playing stand out from the crowd. Always go with what sounds best to you. Music is an art, not a science. Everything should depend on what you like best, not what this person does or that person told you.

Rhythm Work

Your right hand (picking hand) is all about rhythm. It’s more than just alternating your finger picking, you need to work on volume dynamics and timing to give real diversity and uniqueness to your playing. Practice all of these aspects in time with a metronome to improve your control and tone.

Should I Use a Pick?

Whether you pick with your fingers or a traditional bass pick is up to you. Remember: do not just do what’s easier! Practice whatever sounds better and works best for the style of music you want to play.

To become the best bassist possible, it’s good to learn all types of techniques to broaden your abilities. Try picking, finger style, and slap bass to see what works best for you and what you prefer.

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