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Jared Cattoor

Jared Cattoor is your professional guitar teacher here at Lutz Academy! Check out the Lutz master classes and lessons he’s taught right here, and feel free to visit him on social media:

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The Circle Of Fifths

| Guitar, Lessons | No Comments

In this first lesson on the circle of fifths, you’ll learn what it is, how it got its name, and how it can be used…

Modes Master Class

The 7 Modes

| Guitar, Lessons | No Comments

Modal Theory is a complicated subject that is often over-simplified (improperly). In order to truly unlock the fretboard and music, you have to know the…

The CAGED System

| Guitar, Lessons | No Comments

The CAGED System is a set of scale, chord, and arpeggio shapes that connect the fretboard. These shapes are moveable, meaning you can play them…

Beginner Guitar Quick-Start

| Guitar, Lessons | No Comments

Welcome to the Lutz Academy Beginner Guitar Quick-Start course! If you’d like to interact with other students, you can join other versions of this course…

Fretting Notes on Guitar

| Guitar, Lessons | No Comments

Experiencing annoying buzzes and rattles as you play? It’s highly likely you aren’t fretting notes correctly. There’s one simple trick to getting clean notes to sound…

Holding Your Pick

| Guitar | No Comments

When you first start playing, you may find yourself dropping your pick a lot. It’s a frustrating occurrence that all beginner guitarists have to put…

How To Build Chord Progressions on Guitar

| Guitar, Lessons | No Comments

This guitar lesson will teach you how to choose chords in both major and minor keys by following some simple formulas, rules, and charts.

Reading Guitar TAB

| Guitar, Lessons | No Comments

Guitar TAB (or “tablature”) is one of the simplest forms of music notation, so you’ll see it very often as you learn songs. fill 1…

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