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Drum Hand Strengthening – Beginner Drum Lesson

This beginner drum lesson will go over the basics of drum hand strengthening techniques and ways you can improve your speed, accuracy, and dynamic control on the kit. Building Your Weaker Drum Hand The first and easiest tip anyone will give you is to work on your weaker hand 1.5 to 2x as much as you do your dominant hand (for most of us, that’s our right hand). Start doing things on a regular basis using your weaker hand. Like opening doors, picking up your glass, using utensils, etc. You’ll be surprised how big of a difference it can make!...

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Build Drum Hand Speed – Tips for Beginner Drummers

This lesson will go over some simple tips to build drum hand speed and ways you can get not only faster, but more accurate and even in your strokes. Remember, speed isn’t everything! Make sure your technique is up to par before trying to speed anything up. Always start slow and focus on playing things correctly, not just quickly.

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Easy Beginner Drum Fills – Simple Rock and Metal Fills

This drum lesson will teach you some easy beginner drum fills. These simple rock and metal fills are a great way for beginner players to start moving around the kit, so check them out. Beginner Rock Fills Beginner Metal Fills Tips for Playing Drum Fills When learning anything on your kit, it’s best to start slow and make sure you have down the sticking and timing. As you get better and more confident, gradually speed it up. When you have down the basics of a fill, start playing it how it should be played: within the context of a beat...

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Reading Drum TAB – Drum Lesson

The drum lesson will go over the basic stuff you need to know in order to read drum TAB. Like standard notation, drum TAB is a written way to share a song with a fellow drummer. But unlike standard notation which any musician can read and understand, drum TAB is specific to the instrument. Still, it’s a common way to notate things and a quick, simple, and effective method of sharing ideas with another drummer, so you better learn it!

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